SASB Conference News

Society of Systematic Biologists, 26-30 June 2015, Guaruja, Brazil

The Society for Systematic Biologists invites proposals for symposia to be held at the 2015 SSB meeting. The meeting will be held jointly with the American Society of Naturalists (ASN) and the Society for the Study of Evolution (SSE).

Proposals should include (1) a descriptive title, (2) one or two paragraphs explaining the purpose of the symposium and its relevance to systematics, (3) a list of presentations including proposed speakers, their institutions or affiliations, and their presentation titles, and (4) an indication of whether the speakers have been invited and whether they have agreed to participate.

Symposia are restricted to half-day sessions (typically 6 half hour talks). The society is particularly interested in symposia whose topics do not overlap with those from previous meetings, that introduce new ideas or synthesize important concepts, or those that are particularly good examples of the analysis of empirical data. Proposals that unite systematics with other fields are also desirable. We encourage participation from young investigators and others typically under-represented in symposia. Limited funding is available.

The deadline for full consideration is September 1, 2014. Proposals should be emailed (Word or PDF format) to the Program Chairperson, Stacey D. Smith, (Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, 80309-0334). Please use the subject heading: SSB Symposium Proposal.

The program chair will confirm receipt of submitted proposals; please inquire if you do not receive email confirmation. The proposals will be considered by the SSB Council, and the two selected symposia will receive funds to partially defer participant costs.

Systematics Association, 26-28 August 2015, Oxford, UK

The Systematics Association announces a three day conference taking place in the historic setting of the University of Oxford, UK in August 2015. Titled Systematics - the science that underpins biology, the conference will have four thematic sessions and contributed papers:

  • Symposia 1 - The value of long term monitoring plots for plant systematics and ecology in the tropics
  • Symposia 2 - Comparative approaches to the origin of biodiversity
  • Symposia 3 - Accelerating the pace of taxonomy
  • Symposia 4 - Rooted in deep time: Palaeontological contributions to systematics

Keynote addresses will be given by Michael Donoghue, Yale, USA and Peter Holland FRS, Department of Zoology, Oxford. The official conference accommodation will be in Christ Church College with the conference banquet taking place in the Great Hall (used in the Harry Potter films). For further details and to register please visit the website.

SASB Conference plus 11th Invertebrate Biodiversity and Conservation Conference, 6-9 December 2015, Fremantle, Western Australia

SASB 2015 will showcase the latest systematic biology and invertebrate biodiversity and conservation research being conducted across Australia and provide a fabulous opportunity to engage with scientists and students from across these disciplines. We encourage students to attend and present their research, even if their projects are in their infancy. The title of this year’s conference (Next Generation | New Generation) embraces the upcoming new generation of gifted young scientists plying their trade in conservation, biodiversity and systematics, and ushers in the integration of modern next generation sequencing projects that are starting to revolutionise our understanding of evolutionary processes.

For conference details visit the SASB 2015 website.