How to join the SASB 


Membership is open to everyone interested in biological systematics, particularly as it relates to the Australasian region. 

Becoming a member is a two-step process:

1. Please send the following details to

  • full name and title

  • postal address

  • phone number(s)

  • email address*

  • twitter handle if you have one

  • special interest(s) (e.g. plant taxonomy, barcoding, insect morphometrics, etc)

Members receive SASB notices by email only, so let us know via  if you change your email address.
*Please use the same email address to (a) contact the Secretary and (b) for all SASB payments (membership & conference registrations).

2. Pay membership fee:
The standard membership fee for professional members is $50 p/a, or $20 p/a for students and retirees.  A lifetime membership is available for a one-time fee of $1000. 
We encourage members to pay membership for two years at a time, to synchronise with conferences. 
The options you can select via Paypal are:
Professional (1 year) $50
Professional (2 year) $100
Student/Retired (1 year) $20
Student/Retired (2 year) $40
Lifetime $1000


Membership Renewal 

  • Members will receive a membership renewal reminder about 1 month before membership expires.

  • Please follow the same process as your initial payment to pay renewal fees (as described above).

  • Early payment of renewal fees will result in your membership being extended from your previous expiry date.

  • Please update your details by emailing  when renewing your membership.

Payment can be made here. Please use the same email address for all SASB payments and to contact the Secretary.